Principles of OCP


OCP conducts the researches  and  develops resources and type of materials. We experiment, test, and develop production  formula, and take the in-depth  competency analysis in every details  of  the substances. In doing  so, we aim to improve  the  formula for the optimal product’s performance    which   meets  with  the  requirement  in solving problem. It also meets the expected  high quality of the products which is worthy for the consumers. The  development   has  been  carrying  on in  acquiring new innovation with better features.


OCP pays attention  and  realizes the world’s circumstance changes. Therefore, it’s the important responsibility to think and implement the policy by considering the eco-production, and   environmental  co – existence. We aim to develop eco-friendly Green Product; volatile, mercury,and toxicant free,to avoid the harm to respiratory system.

OCP is  the  first manufacturer  who registers  the patent  of water-based wood stain in Thailand and extends it to acrylic enamel furniture spray.


  • Ecology
  • Innovation
  • Quality


OCP improves production standards, attentively conducts quality check in every process for high quality outcome in which the customers trust and remember as stated that MEATA Premium Grade Paint”