About Our Company

OCP Polytect Co.Ltd. Was established in 2009. We’re the manufacturer of the industrial paint and instant polymer for engineering works for solving, protecting, and extending the lifetime of buildings. We operate under 19 year experience of OCP Polymer Product Co.,Ltd. Under the cooperation and co-investment of meata chemical group who is experienced in industrial chemicals for over 30 years

About Us


OCP pays attention  and  realizes the world’s circumstance changes. Therefore, it’s the important responsibility to think and implement the policy by considering the eco-production, and   environmental  co – existence. We aim to develop eco-friendly Green Product; volatile, mercury,and toxicant free,to avoid the harm to respiratory system.

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Please contact marketing department for product data sheet/ MSDS and additional information. We can give instructions  in coating  system  and match the application of product with customer’s demands in job.



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